Saturday, July 6: 9-10:30 am,

River John Legion hall.



It’s a literary Dragon’s Den!

Entrants have a strict maximum of three minutes to describe their writing projects to a panel of three or four publishers, in front of an audience. The publishers then have 5 minutes to reply.

So - if you have a manuscript inside you, or all typed but hidden in your sock drawer, this could be your chance to get a publisher’s attention.

The steps: Prepare a proposal: describe your book in two sentences or less; plus say why you are the most qualified person to write it, and why people will want to read it. State the genre: (for example - fiction? Memoir? Poetry? Or…?). Say who will read it (Adults? Children? Taxpayers? Or…?) Say it all in a way that will grab the publishers’ attention so tightly that they won’t sleep for days, thinking about YOUR manuscript.


Practice saying your pitch out loud in a mirror and to a friend.


 Send your submission (not the manuscript) to Pitch the Publisher, using the “Contact Us” feature or by Canada Post to

Read by the Sea, c/o River John Library,

PO Box 104,

River John, NS

B0K 1N0.

Please include your contact information.

Deadline: June 5, 2019.  A jury will select nine or 10 entrants that are most likely to succeed, and assign each a pitching time.  Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your allotted time and check in with the registrar. You may submit a resume, contact information and manuscript or portion thereof to the registrar, who will deliver it to panellists AFTER your pitch.  

Everyone is welcome to join the audience – including the pitchers.

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